Digitalization of education

Students and teachers of vocational education institutions for plumbing and sanitary systems installation across Ukraine have a new tool to enhance the theoretical and practical experience.

The mobile application “Pipes and Fittings” is designed around student needs as it works offline too. This makes remote learning accessible even to those users who do not have constant access to the quality Internet connection. The application is intuitive so even a beginner can master the information and gain basic knowledge.

Each section contains information on what competencies can be acquired during the training and a final quiz to test knowledge. In contrast to printed textbooks, this interactive manual is focused on practical application. This is done by step-by-step illustrations of technological processes and videos attached to each section.

The application was developed by Maksym Pekhovka and Ivan Bolokan, teachers of vocational education with the active participation of the EdUP project team. “Pipes and Fittings” is a pilot project and the first in a series of interactive manuals to be developed by Swisscontact in Ukraine.

“Having modern learning materials is essential for the career success of young professionals. Young people need to be sure that what they learn at vocational school will prepare them well for the labour market. Besides the improved career perspectives, I believe that students will be more motivated to study if learning is fun. Our project tries to combine both aspects with these interactive learning materials”

Sonja Loosli, EdUp Project Manager

The presentation was attended by the authors of the application, representatives of the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine, Geberit Trading LLC, which co-finances the project, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as well as leading producers of plumbing and heating products. Vocational education institutions – participants of the project from different parts of Ukraine, joined the event online.